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Is It Fun?
Innovative, Fun, and Caring... 1-On-1 Personal Training is a personal training studio specializing in “one-on-one” or group training in a private and comfortable space...
What About Nutrition?
Think you just signed up for a few workouts a week and we'll leave it at that? Not on our watch! Each client gets their own personal trainer to stay with you every step
of the way. We will custom tailor a nutrition plan for you and we will call/text/email you daily to help...
Heart Healthy Workouts?
We'll help you sculpt your body, but we want you healthy on the inside too! A strong heart and lungs are vital to your fitness. Each client gets customized cardiovascular homework appropriate to your needs and goals.
Are These The Same Fad Workouts On TV?
No! Never repeat a workout again! Our trainers design each and every workout specifically to take every individual from the body they have to the body they want. This makes each day fun and exciting!
How Long Until I Look Better?
At 1-On-1 Personal Training we believe that fitness is about feeling better, not just looking better. Our mission is to focus on you, the client, and delivering results based on your needs...
How Do I Begin?
Call us today at (423) 704-7237 for a FREE, no-obligation consultation where we can discuss your individual goals and needs...

Call us today at (423) 704-7237 or Email us at chattpt@gmail.com

We get RESULTS... Guaranteed! Chattanooga, TN... Personal Training sessions for individuals or couples.
Adam Seiler Owner, Certified Trainer

Adam Seiler

Sgt USMC, ACE-Certified Personal Trainer, Owner. Weight Loss Through Exercise and Proper Nutrition, Toning and Strengthening all Major Muscle Groups, Strength, Endurance, Stability, Reducing Stress, Increasing Energy, Balance, Coordination, Cardiovascular Health.

Esau Smith ACSM Certified Trainer

Esau Smith

A.C.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer - My focus is to encourage all clients in believing they themselves can be guided to perform healthy dietery habits of food, as well as thought. And to be able to maneuver through every day life with comfort and confidence, enjoying the pleasures of free time, friends and family.

Amanda Mullis Certified Trainer

Amanda Mullis

Focus: Weight Loss Through Exercise and Proper Nutrition, Toning and Strengthening all Major Muscle Groups, Functional Strength and Endurance, Core Stability and Strength, Reducing Stress while Increasing Energy, Improving Balance and Coordination, Improving Cardiovascular Health.

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